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TREC Land Services offers a wide range of environmental consulting and land management services. 

We work with a range of clients from state government agencies, local councils, private enterprises, conservation not-for-profits and private landholders.


We take a tailored approach to each project and employ situationally appropriate and highly effective. We draw on published scientific literature to inform our recommendations and ensure we are employing best practice ecological management.


Ecological Consulting


  • Land management plans

  • Biodiversity assessments including, offset
    assessments required for a permit to remove native vegetation.


  • Bushfire management statements



TREC Land Services maintains close ties with a number of related industry specialists including planning consultants, surveyors, arborists, landscapers, mapping experts and consultant ecologists. We are able to assist in delivering projects of all shapes and sizes from initial concept through to the final sign off.


Email us to learn more about how we can help make your life easier by handling the delivery of your project from start to finish.



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TREC Land Services maintains a large pool of casual workers, primarily to respond to fluctuations in workflow, with the added benefit of being able to provide casual short term labour. Our services include; flora & fauna surveys, fauna handling, machine operation, weed control and revegetation, among others. Our staff are White Card holders, friendly, enthusiastic and often available at short notice for both one off jobs or longer term project based work.


Get in touch if we can help you with your skilled labour requirements.


TREC Land Services are highly experienced at delivering revegetation projects from the planning phase through to follow up maintenance and monitoring. TREC staff specialise in undertaking indigenous plantings in grasslands, woodlands, riparian areas around creeks and rivers and wetlands.

Email us for more information or for a tailored quote.


Weeds have the potential to rapidly degrade environmental and agricultural land alike. Effective weed control requires a range of integrated approaches. TREC staff are able to plan and implement the appropriate strategy for your specific weed management requirements, utilising a combination of traditional and novel weed control techniques.

Email us to arrange a consultation.


Significant opportunities exist to integrate conservation management into productive agricultural landscapes, with the potential to improve both the profitability of the land as well as environmental outcomes.
Native vegetation is often restricted to narrow strips along roadsides and major waterways, however the long term viability of agriculture in Victoria dependant on our ability to restore native vegetation and maximise the ecosystem services these areas can provide.

Email us for more information, or to arrange a consultation. 

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