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TREC Land Services is either currently engaged or recently completed a diverse range of projects for a number of different public and private clients. 

Mitchell Shire Roadside Conservation Survey

In Mitchell Shire, roadside conservation surveys have been periodically undertaken since 1995, however a comprehensive survey of all roadsides during the same season had never been conducted.  In spring/summer 2018, TREC Land Services surveyed every managed roadside within the shire and conducted targeted threatened species surveys.  We have now produced a comprehensive set of maps that show the latest conservation value of every roadside. We are currently working with Mitchell Shire Council to produce a recommendations report that will assist Mitchell Shire Council to improve their roadside conservation.manage their roadsides for conservation improvement.

Melbourne Water Stream Frontage Assessor Program

The Melbourne Water Steam Frontage Management Program has been funding small land management projects for landholders to improve the quality of their stream-side vegetation for over two decades. TREC Land Services work directly with landholders to provide land management advice, assess the outcomes of their efforts and make funding recommendations to Melbourne Water.

Property owners within the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Area who adjoin waterways are encouraged to call or email for more information, or can contact Melbourne Water directly at

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