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We have a highly qualified and experienced team of ecologists, landscape architects and NRM professionals who are ready to bring their diverse range of skills to your project. 

Our staff have extensive experience over much of Victoria including:

  • Grasslands

  • Grassy woodlands

  • Box-ironbark forests

  • Tall forests of the Central Highlands

  • Otway Ranges

  • Alpine

  • Macedon Ranges

  • Strzelecki region

  • Mallee

Daniel Young
Director & 
Principal Ecologist
Dan-TREC headshots-Photo by Adam Purcell-{Date (YYMMDD)»}-{Filename number suffix»}.jpg

Daniel Young has a degree in Biological Sciences from La Trobe University with a double major in botany and population genetics. Daniel has been working in the conservation and land management sector for over 12 years, initially undertaking hands-on land management before transitioning into consulting and subsequently establishing Tailored Restoration Ecology and Conservation (TREC) Land Services in 2017.

Daniel has considerable experience working as a botanist and ecologist throughout Victoria and has worked in a wide variety of vegetation types and bioregions. He has completed flora and fauna assessments including targeted surveys, EVC mapping, weed mapping and a wide range of other ecological related tasks.

Adrian Lamande
Senior Consulting Ecologist
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Adrian holds a Master’s in Environmental Management from the University of Newcastle. Adrian has worked as an ecologist specialising in vegetation monitoring and management for over 15 years. He has considerable experience completing vegetation quality assessments, habitat hectare assessments, and flora and fauna surveys.


Adrian has lectured at Victoria University, developing and delivering course material for a range of units including Australian Plants, Fundamentals of Ecology, Environmental Rehabilitation and Australian Landscapes and Biota.


Adrian is currently engaged as a Senior Consulting Ecologist and Botanist at TREC Land Services and provides consulting services to both government and private clients, as well as having a key mentoring role for our newer team members.

Finn Devonport
Senior Restoration Ecologist & Team Leader
Finn-TREC headshots-Photo by Adam Purcell-{Date (YYMMDD)»}-{Filename number suffix»}.jpg

Finn holds a Diploma of Conservation and Ecosystem Management from RMIT.


Finn has over 4 years’ hands-on experience in restoration ecology including remote area flora and fauna survey, roadside surveys, and on-ground restoration and land management works. In particular, he has extensive grassland management experience and a great understanding of systems and processes which compliment his restoration work. 


Finn has worked for private organisations and local and state government agencies having lead teams for Hume City Council, Parks Victoria, Wyndham City Council and Brimbank City Council.


Finn works as a team leader across a diverse range of restoration projects for TREC. He is an accomplished project manager and is responsible for several of our large contracts.


Leiana Keogh
Senior Restoration Ecologist & Team Leader

Leiana holds a Diploma of Conservation and Ecosystem Management from RMIT.

Leiana has extensive land management experience having successfully delivered a large number of projects for TREC in her capacity as team leader. Leiana primarily focuses on the suburban areas of Melbourne including Hume City Council, Merri-bek City Council and Brimbank City Council.


Leiana has also been heavily involved in delivering various good neighbour projects for DEECA, often in conjunction with Parks Victoria and private landholders. She has excellent communication and liaison skills and often serves as the conduit between the clients and the works teams, communicating the project requirements and ensuring the quality of work is of the highest standard.


In addition to her land management responsibilities, Leiana is the key staff member responsible for the long term forecasting of works and resource allocation at TREC. She also co-ordinates the induction and onboarding process for new staff members, and takes an active role in the administration of our internal OHS processes.

Rachel McIntosh
Ecologist &

Project Manager
Rachel-TREC headshots-Photo by Adam Purcell-{Date (YYMMDD)»}-{Filename number suffix»}.jpg

Rachel McIntosh has a degree in Wildlife and Conservation Biology from La Trobe University (with first-class honors – Botany and Landscape Ecology) and previous to this worked in accounting and data management for over 10 years.

Rachel brings a unique combination of data and project management skills with her ecological knowledge to every TREC Land Services project.

Rachel is currently part time with TREC while she undertakes a PhD in Landscape Ecology at La Trobe University, She is researching fire ecology in the Mallee region of Victoria. 

Melissa Stagg
Senior Landscape Architect

Melissa holds a Bachelor and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the RMIT University School of Architecture and Design, and brings a decade of experience in landscape architecture, including running her own landscape architecture and design business for many years. She joined TREC to work with the team in designing and delivering landscape projects, which aren’t only beautiful and functional, but also have ecological integrity.


With a passion for our natural environments and strong knowledge of indigenous flora, Melissa has also been engaged in the NRM and landscape restoration sector since 2017, including the indigenous seed bank sector. In these areas, she has been delivering projects and programs, including work with threatened species, throughout a range of bioregions and vegetation types across much of Victoria. This has included extensive fieldwork, gaining first-hand knowledge and experience of Victorian natural environments and how they function. Using this insight, Melissa has developed a design methodology which brings basic principles of landscape restoration and ecology, together with landscape design principals, to produce more well-rounded landscape design outcomes. Using this approach, Melissa has delivered biodiverse and sustainable landscape designs, across both urban and regional environments, for local, state and federal government, as well as urban development, private landholders, educational and not-for-profit and organisations.

Graham Jury
Consulting Ecologist and Zoologist
Graham-TREC headshots-Photo by Adam Purcell-{Date (YYMMDD)»}-{Filename number suffix»}.jpg

Graham is a Masters researcher in Conservation Ecology at La Trobe University and holds a BSc in Biological Sciences with a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Sciences from the University of Canterbury.  He has a broad cross-disciplinary research background in Australia and New Zealand, including content analysis, literature review and research interviews.  He previously worked as a reference writer for EBSCO Industries in both science and humanities.

In Victoria, he draws upon his lifelong interest for entomology, terrestrial ecology and animal behaviour to inform and direct his engagement with restoration ecology and biodiversity conservation. Graham has worked locally in the restoration ecology sector since 2015 and has a particular passion for slow-shift successional restoration and the use of Victorian fauna as site quality indicators.


Graham's current areas of expertise include invertebrate, bird and reptile ID, as well as VVP grassland ecology, botany and open sward restoration. Graham’s Masters research involves cataloguing and quantifying the pollinator community of the severely depleted local tree-form of the Silver Banksia in Central and Western Victoria. This project seeks to highlight the ecological services and requirements of this threatened tree across a range of sites, in order to aid land managers to facilitate its gradual return to these landscapes.


Graham is broadly experienced in multiple fauna survey techniques including Elliot trapping, camera trapping, tile surveys and invertebrate collection. Graham has professional experience with many threatened and protected species in Victoria including Altona Skipper Butterfly, Striped Legless Lizard, White-footed Dunnart, Brush-tailed Phascogale, Growling Grass Frog, and Glossy Grass Skink. He has supervised Golden Sun Moth surveys across multiple sites for more than five years and assisted and advised in the annual management of high-quality S. plana grasslands both in Melbourne and broader Victoria.

Danielle Harmshaw
Consulting Ecologist and Junior Landscape Architect
Dani-TREC headshots-Photo by Adam Purcell-{Date (YYMMDD)»}-{Filename number suffix»}.jpg

Danielle has previously worked across multiple environmental management disciplines including restoration ecology, renewable energy, waste management and strategic sustainability. She was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Sustainability’ for delivering a sustainability behaviour change program at Deakin University.


Since joining TREC Land Services Danielle has worked on a range of ecological consulting projects and most notably contributed to the City of Whittlesea’s 10- year Fuel Management Partnership Plan where she took identified existing and new partnerships arrangements through the engagement process and established opportunities for Traditional Owners to lead burns.


Danielle holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science and is currently completing her Juris Doctor at Monash University.

Amy McCarthy
Restoration Ecologist
Amy-TREC headshots-Photo by Adam Purcell-{Date (YYMMDD)»}-{Filename number suffix»}.jpg


Connor Holt
Restoration Ecologist
Connor-TREC headshots-Photo by Adam Purcell-{Date (YYMMDD)»}-{Filename number suffix»}.jpg

Connor holds a Diploma of Conservation and Ecosystem Management from RMIT.

Connor has extensive land management experience working predominantly for Mitchell Shire Council, Murrindindi Shire Council and Parks Victoria. He works as team leader across a diverse range of restoration projects for TREC.


Connor has a strong interest in roadside conservation and is primarily responsible for the delivery of our roadside weed control program. Outside of this role, he works as a team leader across a diverse range of restoration projects for TREC and conducts conservation values assessments for Mitchell Shire Council and the North East Maintenance Alliance.

Connor also has experience working with community members as an assessor for the Melbourne Water Living Communities Living Waterways grants program where he provides restoration and land management advice to grant recipient landholders.

Louise Allan
Restoration Ecologist
Louise-TREC headshots-Photo by Adam Purcell-{Date (YYMMDD)»}-{Filename number suffix»}.jpg


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